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Anok builds business directory softwares that streamlines the process of creating industry-standard scalable and user-centric online business softwares.

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We stepped into the digital space with a clear goal of redefining
what technology means to clients and transforming
people’s perception of what was possible.

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Services You Can Engage Us

We assist businesses of all sizes – small to mid and large enterprises in their digital transition efforts. By deploying our design and development expertise, we help you evolve quickly to seize the opportunities and take a growth curve.

Create local softwares and add value to your existing products and services with Anok Innovation solutions. Get the maximum exposure of your local business and play a vital role in reputation, rankings, revenue.

We deliver breakthrough and enduring results, creating bold, innovative solutions that work pragmatically for your whole organization across channels.

Authentically represent your business with a memorable identity that translates your passion and mission into a brand. By combining beautiful designs with powerful technology.

Acquire, nurture and convert more leads with a top leading generation agency. identify and convert people into prospects through inbound and outbound marketing.

Why choose Anok

We help businesses like yours generate more profits by developing and digital strategies
that improves sales and overall business growth.

Highly Detailed

Thoughtfully designed user-interface we build softwares that are easy to operate and get the most compelling user experience.


Enhance the functionalities of your brand with our robust softwares to scale up your business day to day operations.

Revenue Generation

Expand your business with our amazing monetization features that allows you to create an additional income stream and generate unlimited revenue flow.

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Your Exisiting Brand

From designing your overall digital strategy to creating cutting edge software solutions, we give you an unfair advantage need to scale high in your business and industry.

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