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Building numerous modern online customized sites has never been easier BUT Anok Innovation can make it easy for you.

Customized ERP Bussiness Solutions

Build various custom sofwares and maximize your business revenue with Anok Innovation.

Create your own local bsuiness directory as follow:

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Seeker Directory

Whatever is the nature of your business/ brand, with Anok Innovation we can create the right software to boost your brand.

Develop a Stable Service Oriented
Software Applications

Make the Right Choice for the FUTURE of your business. Choose Anok Innovation

  • Website Development
  • Digital Branding
  • Custom ERP (HR)
  • Custom ERP (CRM)
  • File Tracking Software
  • Medical Software App

Classified Advertising Medium

Create various advert funnels for your brand and maximize your business revenue with Anok Innovation.


We also perform other functions

  • Ict Consultating
  • ICT Training
  • Mobile App Dev.
  • Email Markt.
  • Mobile Markt.
  • Research

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